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  • What features do ShareVgo Fitness App have?
    * One user account can register multiple sport equipment or device * Allow multiple users to register the same sport equipment or device * Easy registration with QR code * Simple and intuitive Dashboard to view your workout or body composition results * Easy and fun way to track your progress with the Achievements and Notifications * Easy to share Achievements via social media * Interchangeable unit system between US/Imperial System and Metric System For sport equipment, * Easy logging of your daily workout data * Open goals, six pre-set goals and six challenges * Provide more accurate calories burned calculation based on user's inputs, i.e. gender, age, weight, speed or split, and tension level * Participate in Social Gaming to view your Goals/Challenge Rankings among members For heart rate monitor, * Support logging of 20+ different sport activities * Showing heart rate training zone analysis * Easy logging of your workout data even the app is in the background For body composition monitor, * Easy logging of 13 key body composition data, i.e. weight, ideal weight, BMI, body fat, protein, body water, muscle mass, bone mass, visceral fat, BMR, obesity degree, metabolic age, and lean muscle mass * Complete analysis reporting and prediction * Set your target weight to keep you focus and motivated
  • How does it work?
    1. Download our ShareVgo Fitness App 2. Register your equipment using QR code provided and create account For sport equipment, 3. Choose a Goal/Challenge and start exercise 4. Complete the Goal/Challenge and workout will be automatically logged 5. To "PAUSE", simply stop exercising and the monitor will stop calculating 6. You can also tap and hold "STOP" button to log your workout 7. All your logged workout can be found on History page 8. View your numbers and data any time on Dashboard 9. Receive any progress or achievement updates with Notifications 10. Share your Achievements via social media 11. View your Goal/Challenge rankings among our community members 12. Register as many equipment as you like at Settings 13. Set your preferred tension level and unit system any time at Settings For body composition monitor, 3. Tap on "Target" icon and start measuring 4. Body composition data will be automatically logged once measuring is done 5. Go Settings >> Add Family Member to track progress of your family in one account 6. All your logged body composition data can be found on History page 7. View your numbers and data any time on Dashboard 8. Set target weight and get complete reporting and graphs 9. Receive any progress or achievement updates with Notifications 10. Share your Achievements via social media 11. Register as many equipment or device as you like at Settings 12. Select one of the two athlete modes at Settings if you have active lifestyle 13. Select your preferred unit system any time at Settings
  • Why "Device Not Found" or my equipment cannot be connected?"
    * Make sure your smartphone BLUETOOTH, and Wi-Fi or cellular data setting is ON * For PAIRING BLUETOOTH, please allow ShareVgo to access device location when requested (Android requirement from 6.0) * For iOS device, when you launch ShareVgo Fitness App for the very first time, there is a dialog box pops up asking for Bluetooth permission. If you miss to allow Bluetooth permission, please go to your iPhone Settings >> Scroll down to find ShareVgo App >> Bluetooth ON * Your smartphone should be close to your fitness equipment or device * Your equipment should be activated or the equipment monitor should be ON * Make sure your Settings of Current Device is the equipment you want to connect * Make sure ONLY ONE user account is connected with the equipment (If the equipment is connected with other user, you would not be able to connect with the same equipment) MORE TIPS: Try these if your equipment still cannot be connected * Toggle ON and OFF your Bluetooth and try to connect again * Taking out and re-install the batteries to restart/reboot the monitor of your equipment and try to connect again
  • How to log my workouts properly?
    * Your workout will be automatically logged when you complete a Goal/Challenge * You can also log your workout anytime by tap and hold "STOP" button * Workout data with less than 30 seconds workout time will not be logged * For most Android devices, your workout will be logged automatically when you complete a Goal/Challenge even the app is running in the background or the screen is locked * For some Android devices, you have to allow ShareVgo Fitness App running in the background at your mobile settings if you want your workout to be logged automatically in the background * For iOS devices, your workout will NOT be logged automatically if the app is running in the background or the screen is locked while you reach the pre-set distance or time of a Goal/Challenge, but you can always log your existing workout data using "STOP" button even it is over the pre-set distance/time
  • How to avoid existing data to be detected?
    PRESS and HOLD the MODE button for few seconds until the monitor is reset. For rower challenges, please DO NOT START ROWING until countdown is done to avoid head start. For bike challenges, reset the monitor and DO NOT PEDAL until countdown is done too. For any other Goals, existing data which is more than 30 seconds is not allowed.
  • How to PAUSE workout?
    Simply stop exercising and the monitor will stop calculating. You can always resume your workout by starting exercise again as long as you still remain on the workout page.​
  • Why the pulse sensor stops working?
    The pulse sensor requires adequate energy to support its function. Your batteries may be running low if it stops working. Simply change the batteries will resolve the issue. Because we use Bluetooth Low Energy for the monitor, you may experience the Bluetooth connection is still working but the pulse sensor is not functioning few weeks before the monitor completely runs out of batteries.
  • How to pair my Bluetooth heart rate monitor (HRM) with ShareVgo Fitness App?
    ShareVgo Fitness App version 1.5 and above is now supporting most Bluetooth HRMs on the market. Simply go to Settings of ShareVgo Fitness App, then tap on Heart Rate Sensor to pair it with your phone. You can also register your HRM at the Settings >> Add New Device >> REGISTER HRM. By registering your HRM, you can enjoy multi-sport workout logging and the app will automatically connect to the HRM while you are doing workout with any of our products. NOTE: ShareVgo Fitness App DOES NOT support fitness trackers such as Fitbit, Letscom, Garmin, or Apple Watch. IMPORTANT: DO NOT PAIR your HRM via phone settings!​
  • What is the Product Warranty?
    ShareVgo, LLC. warrants that this product will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 90 days from date of purchase when purchase of the product is from an authorized retailer and is used for the purpose intended, under the conditions that it has been installed and operated in according to ShareVgo's Owner Manual. ShareVgo's obligation under this warranty is limited to replacing free of charge, any parts which may prove to be defective under normal household and personal use. This warranty does not include any damage cause by improper operation, misuse or commercial application. This warranty applies only to the original purchaser and is not transferable. Proof of purchase is required. To request product service and order replacement parts, please have the following information ready and email to 1. Your name 2. Receipt of purchase 3. Model number 4. Description of part 5. Part number ​​​
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